The Classical Music of Bob Ingalls

More info on 'Mother Earth Cries Out'

Mother Earth Cries Out!: (January, 2016) - Inspired by the Laudato si' encyclical of Pope Francis, this dramatic composition for Mixed Choir and orchestra with featured speaker is written from the viewpoint of Mother Earth who observes and comments on the treatment she is receiving from all who interact with her. more info   testimonials

More info on 'Ave Maria for Choir & Strings'

Ave Maria for Choir and Strings: (March, 2015) - A passionate setting of the Ave Maria, this composition won the May, 2015 Sacrarium International Sacred Music Composition Competition in L'viv, Ukraine.   It features 3 antiphonal soprano soloists and full string orchestra. more info   testimonials

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More info on the 'Spanish Carol'

Spanish Cradle Carol: (October, 2011) - This live performance of the Spanish Carol composed by Bob Ingalls for the Musica Sacra Chamber Chorale's 2011 Christmas Concert entitled "Peace & Joy", was also conducted by the composer. It is written for choir, piano and cello and is based on "A La Nanita" words by Normal Luboff and "Vocalise-Etude" by Maurice Ravel. The cellist on this recording is Roberta Downey, cellist with the Seattle Symphony. more info

More info on the anthem 'Magnificat'

Magnificat: (February, 2009) - This is a recording of the live performance of this acapella choral anthem for Men's Choir, Woman's Choir and soloists as performed by the Holy Rosary Catholic Church Choir at its premiere in Feb, 2009. The featured tenor is Tom Reis, and the solo sopranos are Barb Erickson and Anne Quinn. more info

more info on the play 'The Way to bethlehem'
Scene 5 from "The Way to Bethlehem": (Dec, 2002)- Based on a Schubert Piano Sonata, this dramatic setting for flute, cello and piano was originally written as underscoring for scene 5 of the play "The Way to Bethlehem". more info