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The Mass of Hope: (May, 2018) - The Kyrie and Gloria from this Mass (under the title "Kyrie and Gloria Royale") was awarded 3rd place in the prestigious 14th International Composition Competition Jihlava 2018 at the 60th Festival of International Choral Art held in Jihlava, Czech Republic in May of 2018. To quote the announcement, "we look forward to a performance of the work at an upcoming year of the Choir Festival in Jihlava".   more award info

This Mass setting for SSATBB Choir and Chamber Orchestra is based on the "Messe Royale" Gregorian Chant Mass by the late Renaissance composer Henry du Mont's (1610-1684) that appeared in the 1903 Solesmes "Liber Usualis" (Mocquereau).   Using contemporary harmonies, the Ingalls'   "Mass of Hope" incorporates late Renaissance styling by utilizing the chant thematically, as a subject of polyphony and, in the Kyrie, as a cantus firmus.   The Credo, Sanctus, and Agnus Dei which complete the "Mass of Hope" are available here.

Du Mont's "Messe Royale" was originally published in the 1660 manuscript Cinq Messes en plein-chant and later in the "Liber Usualis". In that same year of 1660, during the reign of Louis XIV, Henri du Mont was offered the post as harpsichordist to the young queen Marie-Therese; ascending to the position of "maitre" or choir master of the Chapelle Royale in Versailles in 1663.   more info on du Mont's Messe Royal

          Kyrie: - Beautifully melodic, the "Kyrie" from the Mass of Hope utilizes the du Mont chant both thematically and in cantus firmus.   du Mont Kyrie chant

          Gloria: - Opening with an intoned chant, the "Gloria" alternates between glorious choral passages and intense rhythmic expressions.   du Mont Gloria chant

          Note:   The Credo, Sanctus, and Agnus Dei which complete the Ingalls' "Mass of Hope" are available here.

More info on 'Veritas'
Veritas: (July 14, 2017) - Based on an 1161 Gregorian melody, this composition for SATB Mixed Choir with limited divisi was awarded 3rd place from 114 entries in the celebrated 2017 Malta International Choir Festival Composition Competition.   This composition was written by the composer as a reaction to the assault on truth presently occurring in the US political sphere.   The text is based on Psalm 85 verse 11 (the sixth antiphon of Matins for Christmas Day) and Thomas Hughes 1823 text "O God of Truth" as it appeared in the 1929 English Church Hymnary.   The composition emphasizes the close connection between truth and justice, and the necessity to "Set up Thy standard, Lord, that we Who claim a heavenly birth, May march with Thee to smite the lies That vex Thy groaning earth".   more info  


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Mother Earth Cries Out!: (January, 2016) - Inspired by the Laudato si' encyclical of Pope Francis, this dramatic composition for Mixed Choir and orchestra with dramatic speaker was recently chosen as one of six "Special Mentions" in the large-scale work category of the prestigious International Composition Competition "Maurice Ravel" (April 24, 2016) .   This occurred after being chosen as both one of 110 semifinalist entries from 48 countries (March, 2016) , and one of the 20 finalists for the award. (April, 2016)     The composition "Mother Earth Cries Out!" is written from the viewpoint of Mother Earth, who observes and comments on the treatment she is receiving from all who interact with her. more info   testimonials


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Ave Maria for Choir and Strings: (March, 2015) - This passionate setting of the Ave Maria won the May, 2015 Sacrarium International Sacred Music Composition Competition in L'viv, Ukraine.   It features mixed choir, three antiphonal soprano soloists and string orchestra.   This live recording/video was taken of the winning performance as it occurred in L'viv, Ukraine at St. Maria Magdalene's Church on May 10, 2015.   It features the L'viv Chamber Orchestra and Galician Chamber Choir under the baton of conductor Ferdinando Nazzaro. more info   testimonials